Advocating for new hardware for workflow improvement

Wrote the following as an email (anonymized names) to Cornelius (supervisor) to advocate for Portia (worker in question) to get better hardware to perform her work tasks better and faster. She did get the improved hardware and was able to perform her work tasks with marked efficiency and improvement.

Hello Cornelius,

Portia is an invaluable asset to TheBusiness and works diligently to fulfill Website Builder tasks. She continuously pushes herself to learn new subject material for her tasks/roles such as CSS, JavaScript, Web Design, Web User Experience, etc. She brings a welcoming energy that is complemented by her technical skill/research enthusiasm all while reaching out and addressing customer requests.

I think that it is in the best interests of TheBusiness to provide a new monitor for Portia to perform her excellent work with customers. Preferably at least 34 inch curved something like an Alienware AW3423DW, but ultimately the selection should be left up to her. I only realized that she was working off a smaller and lower quality monitor to perform her Website Builder tasks as I was presenting my screen ( a 38 inch curved 75 HZ refresh ) to her while she was learning these new techniques to satisfy customer requests and she had trouble discerning the detail area I was modifying.

Not only is her main screen of interaction with customers too small, it does not have the required color contrast ratio and refresh to insure that she is matching client color and sizing requests by the customer and as these requests require patience and perfection (two things Portia excels at) the more hue and tone available to her the better she can and will exceed customer expectations during these encounters.

While the above monitor may be priced a bit higher than a standard grade monitor. There are a couple of points that differentiate a performance monitor over a standard monitor.

  • First the monitor will be future proofed to an extent as its capabilities will last longer comparably over time.
  • Second a monitor is a computer component that will outlast almost any other computer component as often a new computer will be purchased for upgrade and the existing monitor transferred over without the need to purchase a new monitor in the majority of cases.
  • Third, if the lifetime of the monitor is factored into the cost, say it is used for 5 years and costs something like $1000 it comes out to about $0.50 cents a day to deliver outstanding and markedly better tools for her to deliver the best results to customers.

Please consult with her to determine the best option to have her continue to bring further customer success.