Basecamp versus Slack

Communication formats


  • Immediacy of the chat format
  • Terrible search
  • Organization is hard to enforce, groups fracture, distraction galore
  • Messages are short and context is lost all the time
  • Integrations can be fun like giphy
  • Planning is impossible except in tiny cases
  • Overall distracting, but popular


  • Somewhere between email and text message for immediacy, clearly not intended for continuous realtime conversation
  • Search works and gives relevant results
  • Organized for focused workflows
  • Group membership and notifications are geared to keep information overload as low as possible
  • Messages are much longer and can keep the context of the conversation
  • Planning is accomplished with todos that are checked off for progress reporting
  • Integrations are not on the same level as Slack
  • Focused and opinionated on how you should work.  If you like the flow and format of reporting and focus times it is the best choice available.