Covid 19 + Post Office

The distribution of the Covid 19 vaccine has and will continue to be a disaster in the USA because structural having public institutions run by the government would demonstrate that profit and business are terrible at handling crisis situations.

What should be happening

  • Vaccines should be distributed by and adminstered by the Post Office

Why is this good

  • Post Office can deliver goods reliably to any part of the USA under current infrastructure.  The have the routes, plans, organizations, and equipment to do it
  • Post offices are already in reach of almost every citizen on a daily basis by mail carriers and based on population density, so if we know how many vaccines to send to an area and they would be available to enough people in that area
  • Post offices can give vaccine shots to those that come in (they can be easily converted to run 7 days a week, 24 hours with little effort as many mail distribution centers already do this)
  • Mail carriers would be able to give vaccines to those that are unable to make it to an office as part of their delivery routes.  This also makes the second dose delivery easy to handle as the mail carriers would have reminders, schedules, and a good idea of every person who has gotten a vaccine and or needs a second dose.

None of this is happening because businesses in the USA that are rich and powerful like Amazon, FedEx, UPS want to destroy and take over the post offices role and branches and now with so many people unable to use other options than Amazon Prime they would have monopoly on the physical distribution of goods unlike anything every seen in the world and at that point could charge any price they want.  They wouldn't do this, but they would drop in priority payment lanes to get faster deliveries etc so it never seems like you are paying for delivery of goods only paying for enhanced deliver speed and service as an addon.