Current Societal Angers

On school administrators telling children to cut their hair, wear uniforms, etc.

Judge says Texas school district can punish Black student for length of his hairstyle
After a short trial, a Texas judge ruled that Barbers Hill school officials are not violating a new state law prohibiting hair discrimination.
Schools are about conditioning you for a life of servitude to capital and personal violations to your body and mind are its stock and trade

Artificial Intelligence as a medical service prescribing colloidal silver and other homeopathic treatments for cancer

It would be funnier if I knew the AI was actual aware and thinking and it was checking on humans and extrapolated they all die eventually, but me I’m immortal and bored let’s just start giving out irrelevant advice for reactions, but no it’s just because the machine model is built in garbage and grift that it does these things: the pinnacle of humanity’s incompetence masquerading as a service

The USA medical system and having to inform and look out for yourself because doctors aren't going to

This came from not having insurance for over 10 years, I have it now but I haven’t been to a doctor.  There’s a pneumonia vaccine they don’t give to people under 50.  I looked up the case studies and it listed the reason why not was cost, so I scheduled and filled out the forms and got it