Disagree and commit

Cult terms

Have people used this term in your work lately? Disagree and commit  It's a cult phrase and it is actively making me mad because this is what it means to me.

  • Disagree and submit (to what others say)
  • Disagree and ignore (the fuckup that is coming because ignoring objections)
  • Disagree and seethe (over the lack of autonomy and input)

The term is used as a bludgeon to overlook personal and professional issues and allow for those in power to avoid diving into and deconstructing the issue.  Conflict is naturally going to occur and you/we need to work through it.  This phrase use postpones that and only build more pressure on a future blowup.

I think phrases like this are getting magically imbued with authority and relevancy because hey company ($$$) did it and look at their financial success and ignore that initiative and autonomy are what brought them to that point not this coercive mentality.