DotNetFringe 2017 Conference Proposal

This proposal was accepted

I think as multiple people are going to FOSS4G already, I would like to substitute the .NET Fringe 2017 conference to get the current state of open source software with respect to .NET development which we are currently using for the majority of projects as a component.  All of this material should be relevant to continuing to work with Microsoft technologies and software providers that are building components on top of it.

Benefits for "The Company"

• All topics and tools covered at .NET Fringe are open source and available freely for modification on GitHub with respect to their open source licensing.
• Familiarity with available open source projects and methodologies of practical and in use Open Source Projects that are readily understandable by "The Company" because they are written in .NET compatible languages
• Review of experience and alternative points of view on current .NET platform and ecosystem

Topics that will be covered in detail

• .NET Core adoption and use
• Microsoft adoption and use of Open Source tools and platforms inside and outside of Azure
• F# usage
• Debugging across different platforms and tools Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio 2017, Project Rider
• Docker configuration and use across all platforms
• Authentication and authorization
• Akka
• Cross platform targeting and development Linux/Windows/macOS
• Maintenance of older codebases
• Current best testing practices
• Successful and engaged open source projects

Estimated travel budget

Ticket - $250 Early bird pricing currently available

Hotel - $288.25 June 4th to June 6th.  I reserved this 6 months ago when the conference dates were announced to get this rate.

Transportation - $186.84 ( Driving distance roundtrip Seattle to Portland is approximately 346 miles multiplied by 0.54 per mile), not including parking costs as there is no official parking at the conference

Approximate Total: $725.09