Autonomy: gitignore

Git ignores .gitignore with .gitignore in .gitignore | Hacker News

First: No

But it's not because you can do things like this or .gitignore with "*"

Second: It's about autonomy

These people should use forks of repos.  Bam problem and disagreements gone.  Stop sharing your .gitignore if you don't want to.  Why are forks so unused?  Everyone is hyper focused on branches.

Forks are a fundamental of the distributed nature of git, however many people think GitHub is synonymous with git or whatever they forget the distributed sources of repositories accessed through forks.  Everyone can be their own source of record and code as in the Gitea project.

All these limits on the shared .gitignore are self imposed by not embracing the full set of possibilities that a distributed source repository is.  The reason forks aren't used as they should is people like authority and control and forks break that.

It's like the intent of object oriented programming is objects would send messages (broadcast) them and any object could pick up and process the message however they wanted not this object instructs or calls another method/object perversion that we live in now.  

Third: Sadness

The lost potential of a robust practical use of git as distributed source which you pick commits across forks to create releases/artifacts