Inauguration Anger 2020

Disagree completely with this shit.  Feeling very much like no bullshit Bernie

  • Why is this not virtual?
  • Why the spectacle and waste of money while people have no money or food?
  • Where's my $2000 a month owed plus back pay to March 2020 i.e. get me my $20,000 now
  • Now is the time to break with all the shitty traditions that brought forth Trump and his predecessors (Bush, etc)
  • Exceptions on health guidelines are flaunted by the elite and rich, if I disagreed with health precautions (which I don't), I have plenty of evidence about fuck the proleteriats know your place here.
  • Fuck unity, fuck it to hell.  Now is the time for consequences and action.  Compromise with those that want you dead?  What does that look like?  Unity is for those that are willing to observe laws and acknowledge your existence as valid.  These people (capitol hill white supremacist rioters) demonstrated less than two weeks ago they would kill and overthrow the current government to continue and expand their control
  • Biden is a lazy man with multiple valid rape accussations and believes in cooperating with his friends who are white supremacists and destoyers of the environment and the human spirit.

Every former USA president should be tried at the International Court for their crimes immediately.