Python UTC to Local DateTime

Example code to extract a serialized from JSON response with a property named period_end expressed as an ISO8601 timestamp string value to a localized python DateTime

JSON data response data is of this format

    "forecasts": [
            "pv_estimate": 0,
            "period_end": "2018-12-26T16:25:00.0000000Z",
            "period": "PT5M"

This code snippet will get the data and format it into a CSVish type output

from tzlocal import get_localzone
from isodate import parse_datetime, parse_duration
import requests

def main():

    response = requests.get(
            'format': 'json',
            'hours': 48
    for forecast_interval in response.json()['forecasts']:
        period_end_utc = parse_datetime(forecast_interval['period_end'])
        period_end_local = parse_datetime(forecast_interval['period_end']).astimezone(get_localzone())
        period = parse_duration(forecast_interval['period'])
        pv_estimate = forecast_interval['pv_estimate']

if __name__ == "__main__":

The output of this should look like this now then

2018-12-26 04:00:00+00:00,2018-12-25 22:00:00-06:00,0:05:00,24.7
2018-12-26 04:05:00+00:00,2018-12-25 22:05:00-06:00,0:05:00,23.88