Reacting instead of Planning

Currently protestors are making their voices heard over the situation of immigrants defined entry to the USA.  Fortress USA has started coming together and most likely will continue to degrade even if political actions are taken the environment of global warming will continue and bring climate refugees to the mostly unaffected North American continent, but that is another post.

This action is to restore the previous treatment of immigrants and visitors, but from what I am reading the majority of people have no idea or are completely complacent with the previous system.

The previous system is shit.  Understand that borders, regulations, and restrictions for visas travel or immigrant are a classic obsolete solution to the present.

Examine the cause why do people want to immigrate to a place that is foreign to them at great risk?  They are looking for a better situation otherwise they would not leave.

What makes the situation better for the majority of immigrants is the economic possibilities are greater in the USA than their own current nations i.e. the largest example is Mexican immigrants.

Businesses have pushed to remove tariffs and rules that prevent them from gaining the maximum profit available in a world economy.  This has occurred through the use of free trade agreements which allow free movement of capital across borders with minimal restriction.  This has left the previously dependent workers locked to the whims of the capitalists who employ them within each nation.

What must accompany free trade is free movement of labor or open borders.  If capital is allowed to move freely between borders to reach the optimum location to do business then workers should be allowed to move freely among borders to gain their best employment situation.

Protestors are doing their part, but restoration of the previous situation is still untenable and will only lead to future misery.  Powerful nation citizens should be the first to open borders to allow free movement of people as they are the ones who can set the precedent.

Without an explicit goal, protesting in response to actions will always leave those aggrieved on the defensive and willing to seek compromise.  Occupy Wall Street protestors aimlessly drifted without a unifying goal or thesis and eventually dissipated into nothingness.

Do not cede points to those you disagree without having a plan to rally around that presents their points as weak.

In this case those that argue for closed borders are arguing for a diminished set of economic opportunities whereas open borders are geared towards expansion of economic opportunities.