Setup Chrome alias macOS

Tried to open a link in the command line, but was unable to because terminal did not recognize chrome as a registered binary to handle and open urls.


Tried to do this: chrome

Error was: zsh: command not found: chrome

Ok, so I will fall back to the default handler for urls as specified by my macOS


That works, but as Safari is set to my default it opens with Safari which is not my intention.  I need to add an alias that refers to Chrome to handle urls when I specify.  In macOS you can override what the open command will use by the following command line parameter

-a                    Opens with the specified application.

Therefore I should do this to open chrome from the command line

open -a 'Google Chrome' - Yes, that works as expected opening chrome

Add the alias

Now add this as a permanent alias so I won't have to do this every time.  In this case I want to alias chrome to open -a 'Google Chrome' so the alias command is alias chrome="open -a 'Google Chrome'". Remember the parenthesis for the command to be run as a single variable replacement on the command line.

Add this line to your preferred shell in my case this the trusty .bashrc file at your home directory.  You can get to this folder by cd ~/ and then find it with ls -la.  I am also using zsh so I add this alias to my .zshrc profile file as well.

Reload the profile with the source command and my designated profile file.  For example zsh would be source ~/.zshrc and it works.