Standup Slack Bot

I completely agree with the sentiment here. The stand-up meeting is a good way to lose focus for a team especially if you are distributed and remote. If you can use Basecamp then I would suggest that, but if you are not use an automated standup bot in your slack or other chat program

Advantages to using a standup bot in slack

  • Adopting asynchronous practices and documenting intent helps everyone maintain contact and context on their own schedules
  • Maintaining a written record keeps a common point for the days work
  • Automation builds trust and documented processes. No more oral only history or custom practices that are not available for others to pick up without attending in person

Suggested to use the Dixi App which seems to be great as it runs on a schedule and posts the results to the desired channel in my workplace case #standup

Now the daily standup can be skipped in cases and or those involved can have focused context aware conversations between interested parties as follow-ups