Traits of Success

Most companies have too many rules. They're designed to keep people in line and drive them to produce more. The assumption is that without rules, people would be unmotivated, directionless, and unproductive.  This is insulting, patronizing, and an adversarial attitude to have.

Trust, freedom, and autonomy are three traits that empower people to make decisions at the point of maximum impact for good.

Breaking down the traits of sucess you start with


This trait gives workers the ability to be confident in performing actions.  They are entrusted to make decisions and take actions towards achieving the stated goals given.

Thus the implication of having an enviroment of trust is that when something goes awry which it will, workers do not worry about rerprisals, treachery, duplicity.


When workers are given freedom to perform actions it removes the micromanagement and dictation of how to do things that is so prevalent in a toxic work place enviroments.

Humans perform best when engaged and active in decisions, actions that they are performing.  Stating a goal or the what with a why is always better that giving explicit inflexible instructions that are locking people into repeating the same actions/patterns over and over and pushing your faster to obsolescence by a flexible competitor ready to do the best thing at any present time.  The goal of similar uniform workers will be your downfall.

A supportive and free workplace will encourage suggestions, experiments, and give support to the freedom of workers who perform the tasks and are familiar with what is happening to customize their enviroments and processes to achieve stated common organization goals.


On to the most important trait of a supportive and safe work environment is autonomy.  Bodily autonomy is a human right and by extension in the workplace if you do not have control over how to use your body and mind as a worker, you are in an impeded state.

Examples of this are situations like restricted stagnant schedules, blocking new ideas, and a lack of appreciation of what makes the human brain special (observing and discerning new patterns).

Every human chafes and objects at this structure with the unnecessary control building resentment and anger.

In my opinion if you do not have autonomy to perform tasks at your workplace you will find a new job.  This trait is special in that you can still work without trust and have autonomy.  Be prepeared to have every action and decision checked, but at least you get to make them, which could be a way to build the other important traits of trust and freedom through the use of autonomy.  As the common practice of ask for permission later credits those that take autonomy to build the case for future trust and freedom.