Covid 19 Vaccine distribution failure

The USA government was gifted with powerful and effective vaccines against COVID19 in late 2020/early 2021.

Supply was unable to keep up with demand for vaccination for the first couple of months, but now we have plateaued at a low vaccine rate per population something like low to mid 40% of eligible population has been fully vaccinated.

It didn't have to be like this.  In fact I think it could have been near 80% now if the government had paid people to get vaccinated.  I am thinking in the order of a stimulus check per vaccine dose (if you get the 2 dose therapy) and a combined check for single dose vaccines.

My plan which I have been saying since January 2020.  $1500 per shot dispensed in cash after receiving the vaccine dose.  $3000 if you get the single dose Johnson & Johnson.

Now this would not get fully vaccination because there are rich enough anti vaccine people that this amount of easy money would make no difference to them and for them the other option is no international travel to force them to get the vaccine.  If you want to travel internationally you must show full vaccination prior to leaving the USA this would get the majority of the wealthy anti vaxxers to get vaccinated in my opinion.

However ideas like this are too outside the norms of previous and current USA government (and this is dating back to over centuries) that we are fucked and voluntary requesting anti vaxxers to think of others was and is a stupid premise.  Why is someone who is selfish going to do a selfless act for strangers when they have advanced brain worms?

Fuck it