COVID19 + Preppers

As we are in a global crisis now with rapid spread of COVID19 across the globe it would seem to be the ideal time for preppers to take charge or at least provide guidance over how we can deal with the situation and get over it as quickly as possible.

However preppers or "survivalists" to give them a generous term have shown them not to be prepared for an actual worldwide crisis COVID19 pandemic.  Speaking from my personal experiences with them and observations the core reason is that in the USA preppers are predominantly obsessed with enacting a fantasy that never will come to be as I have told them numerous times when trying to engage with them.

The commonality of their fantasy is the following

  • Society will collapse when a scarcity event occurs and the only way to survive this event when Hobbesian state of nature occurs is onlt those with weapons and the will to murder others over property will survive.

What is clear from our current pandemic is that cooperation and sharing is how humans are successful at achieving things.  A point I have made over and over as we have always done best as a species when we collaborate and work together ( your ancient ancestors might disagree over who gets first cut of a hunt or harvest, but the question of not working together to bring it in was incomprehensible ).  

Only recently and most distinctly has the cult of individual personality and ability as a personal choice has become a cultlike thinking over how humans should act.  Ethically these actions are only tolerated by the larger group which provides the baseline of support for these free riders on society to act because they have inherited power and wealth while those that grind and work have not.

Case in point the workers at a grocery store or medical center are working together in stressful an dangerous situations with respect to this COVID19 virus and are too busy and tired to consider exploiting others to achieve their own selfish interests.  However financial planners are thinking how to offload stock in manufacturing, etc so that they can buy debts in vaccine research and other public goods they wish to make only available to wealthy first and foremost.  The prepper considers themselves an investor in indviduality and refuses to cooperate with those in society who wish to continue keeping its operation working even when their goals are the same as sharing is incompatible with their complete scarcity mindset and backstabbing nature as they would engage in all the behaviors they fear immediately against those they feel are weaker or less prepared and justify it as those "people" would have done it to them first if they could.

Back to my original point is that preppers are ill prepared as a group to deal with a true society crisis because their provisions are usually shelf stable foods and weapons.   Shelf stable foods are probably the most valuable good they can have, but their lack of medicine and inability to work with others dooms them to the same fate as everyone who gets exposed to the virus except they are isolated and distrustful by nature and therefore unable to listen to the collective groups knowledge and experience (they envision themselves a king/queen, but in reality their are a loner presiding over a patch of worthless shit).

As far as the weapons go they are merely to invigorate their lack of control and rounadabout persistent itch in the back of the brain that they are weak as an individual, but with powerful weapons and their support to engage in murder as revenge against all the wrongs they feel they have been done by society over time.

The underlying and ever present racism that accompanies the majority of USA preppers as to those they feel will be threatening them furthers this point.