Election Predictions

Prediction: There will be blood.  Rules are good for those that believe they have value.  Trump and his supporters do not think rules apply to them and hence their behavior and actions.

Joe Biden is a terrible candidate.  We are in a global pandemic causing health and economic destruction to the USA and yet the continuation to tie healthcare coverage to job or not offer single payer healthcare is what we need now and forever going forward.

President Trump emails (I signed up for his candidate emails to see what will happen) and frankly they are using terms of attack and defense of government to supporters.  Statements are that illegals will vote and polling stations and that mail in ballots will be double votes and fraudulent.

Much like how continued Black Lives Matter protests have gone armed right wing supporters are going to go to the limited polling stations and vote collection sites to object and destroy ballots, intimidate voters they do not recognize, and get police support to control access.  As the police have repeatedly shown throughout the summer to support and condone actions of this group as they are pushing for continuation of the status quo (which is let the police kill people at will).

The election will be contested no matter the true result (although there is no doubt rampant manipulation will occur)

What I predict will happen

  1. Trump will claim victory on night of election
  2. Trump supporters will en masse take control of polling stations of areas that are expected to vote for Biden through force and intimidation
  3. A few people will die from conflicts
  4. Centrists will clamor for return to order and accept any situation imposed by Trump
  5. Large scale protests will be forcible put down in the name of law and order and the only protesters that would fight toe to toe with armed crazies are the current ones that protesting police violence.   However Biden has not shown any support for them and has even proposed to increase police funds instead of abolishing the police.