Surgery Recovery Update

Seven weeks after shoulder surgery and the stiffness and soreness is beginning to go down.  I had arthroscopy bone spur removal and some stitching of the rotator cuff.

Yesterday I was able to go running again and didn't have any aching pain afterwards.  The heat exhaustion and lack of conditioning were expected albeit unpleasant.

Not suprisingly maintaining your body is a lifelong and involved process and if you stop and or reduce your commitment the changes are apparent immediately if you try to retry activities at what your mental model of your body is expecting.

Back to my recovery is that this surgery recovery has been a lot longer and more painful than I had anticipated.  My expectations were that after approximately 1 month I would fully be back to 100 % shoulder recovery and this includes the ability to do pullups, bench press, boxing, and or any sudden movements with power.

This is not what I experienced at all, although I am makin  g progress and continuing to do my physical therapy exercises, full recovery I am thinking will be more like 3 - 6 months to 100 % pain free, freedom of moment, and return to strength.  The main issue appears to be that the removal of bone heals much slower than I expected.  It doesn't help that it is in the ball socket of my shoulder which has more movement than any other joint meaning more interactions and time to heal it appears.